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Arien | 22 | May 12th | Single
Genderfluid | Pansexual
Western Massachusetts Cosplayer

Help me further my photography and cosplay career by donating below. Any amount helps me with camera (lighting,lens,filters,backdrops,travel expenses) and cosplay (sewing,fabric,special fx,travel expenses) equipment.

FROM YAYAHAN’S FACEBOOKScam warning to Cosplayers!

" This wig company, MatchWigs, is taking photos of Cosplayers and posting them without permission! They crop watermarks and do not credit the photographers, even going as far as blocking Fenyx Photography ( from their page. 
The most hilarious part is that this beautiful wig is by Arda Wigs, not MatchWigs. 
Please help report this company’s scam and reissue awareness amongst the Cosplay community. We want to support great wig companies like Arda, EpicCosplay and CosplayWigs, not a company with sleazy marketing moves! They are using Cosplayers to gain likes and followers by writing “curated by” on any photos they post. That is low-handed and despicable.

The page is here for reporting!! ”